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Yoga is a personal journey of self-discovery.  If understanding yourself better, including how to discern your unique needs from the group, is something that you seek, then yoga is for you. 


We often rely on what we hear through mass media to determine what we “should” do to help ourselves heal or to maintain our health as we evolve and change with age.  We have forgotten that our own bodies know - are inherently equipped to be vibrant and healthy - we just don’t know how to listen to it. 


Yoga and Ayurveda are not quick fix tools, but they are just as effective today, in the modern world, as they were when they were practiced solely by men in India, in the mountains, removed from the tasks, responsibilities, and obligations of a family, career, school, and commute time. 


Yoga IS accessible to all and is much more than what can be gleaned from a group class or even when only the physical poses (asana) are practiced.  If you’ve practiced yoga before, either on your own or in a group class and just don’t feel like you “got it” or were unsure and uncomfortable of what the class entailed, or you’re simply curious about yoga but don’t know where to begin, then I invite you to join me. 


I have a few free videos that will introduce you to pranayama (breath control) and meditation - please check them out!  You will see that there aren’t even poses in those videos - yet it is yoga.  You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga.  You can begin yoga today as you are, wherever you are, just by bringing your attention to your breath.  I’d love to get started with you.  

I am currently teaching group classes at Downtown Yoga in Fargo, ND.  I teach a 5:45am class on Thursdays and  2:00 pm class on Sundays.  Each class is 60 minutes long. 


You can register to attend those classes here:

During the summer I offer yoga in my backyard in Moorhead, MN. I’d love to have you join me! 


If you are interested in practicing backyard yoga during the summer months, please send a chat in the side bar (Let's Chat) and we'll get you registered right away.

In addition, I offer private one-on-one sessions virtually through zoom or in-person.  This is a terrific option for anyone that wants to explore all that yoga has to offer for your personal growth and wellbeing by getting the undivided attention that you deserve.  I love getting to know individuals, being fully present, and providing you what you need.  We can discover that together!  Please see my schedule below and book a time that works for you!  You’ll be emailed a zoom link to join me in a private session.  I’d be honored to walk alongside you on your journey.

OM Shanti, shanti, shanti (peace, peace, peace),


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"I’m old.  And I love yoga, but you don’t want to watch me do it!  Christina’s online yoga class was perfect for me and my family.  We would meet and greet each other, and then shut off cameras as class began.  The class content was easy to follow and had all the elements I needed:  a centering to begin, a warm up to get me paying attention to my body, some challenges, and some deep connecting moves that put me in the now and anchored my soul.   Her inspiring endings to each class were a gift to carry forward into my week, with a feeling of both calm and energy."

- Michelle M.

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