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Why hello there!  Thank you for stopping by!  

You are here because you are seeking something.  We all are. 


One of my favorite quotes is by Rumi, a 13th century Persian poet, that exemplifies what I have learned to be true - 


What you seek is seeking you


There is a reason you are here and a reason you’ve come to this page.  I’m here too, living within these words and finding wonder and awe as well as pain and suffering in this human journey.  


Have you ever laid in the grass, looked up at the vastness of the blue sky and felt both small, yet expansive and abundant at the same time?  I started this as a child and continue to this day.  Those moments remind me that the universe is large - both infinite and boundless, and we all are a part of it.  You and I are part of what is, right now.


Acknowledging this privilege and expressing gratitude for existing in this time and space right now is what I am all about.  I know that our time here is limited.  Being both a part of what comprises the universe and also something completely unique that never has been and never will be again, lights me up like a star in that vast sky. 


You are here right now friend and that is special and amazing.  I’d be honored to walk alongside you as we find ease in the journey and ease of being.  




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