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Hi!!  I'm Christina & I'm so glad you're here!

I have a Women's Yoga Retreat planned for March 24th - 26th on beautiful Pequot Lakes in the northwoods of Minnesota!

This retreat will be focused on Healing to Bloom in honor of the spring season. 

Going on retreat provides you with an opportunity to explore your intuition and connection to your spirit that may be difficult to connect with when you are fulfilling all of the roles of your existence.  When you leave those responsibilities behind for awhile and take time in a supportive community with others sharing the same desire for solace of the soul, you will heal and fill yourself up exponentially, ready to return to your home with a developed sense of self and a plan of how to best continue this connection and dedication to yourself within your day-to-day activities. 

We will explore different practices to begin or to continue the path of nurturing and healing ourselves, resting and tilling the soil of our being so that we may plant new seeds of intention for a new season of life. 

Included in this retreat will involve an intention and bracelet making workshop.

In this fun and inspiring workshop you will have an opportunity to dive a little deeper into what you are looking to create in your life!

Tap into your heart's desires to create a talisman that you can take with you and incorporate into your everyday.


We will explore the chakras and the desires of the Soul according to yogic tradition and how stones and crystals can be connected to these energies. Then each participant will take part in a little exercise to tap into your own intuition to create a one-of-a-kind bracelet just for you inspired by the best version of yourself!

A link to find out more including accommodations and investment of this weekend retreat, please click the box below.  Looking forward to sharing in the healing with you. 

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