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This yoga nidra recording invites you to receive deep rest without doing anything at all.  Yoga nidra is a practice of non-doing and invites you into different states of consciousness allowing you to becomes super charged from the inside.  This recording is yours to keep, but not to be shared or posted anywhere.  There are instructions at the beginning of the audio on how to prepare for ultimate comfort in your space of choosing so that your body is able to relax deeply.  Items to have ready for your practice would include a quiet space, a mat or blanket to lie down on or a bolster to rest upon in a reclined manner against a wall.  A blanket or flat-ish pillow under the head, an eye covering (a scarf or clean sock will work just fine), and maybe a blanket to cover your body to retain heat as your body temperature will drop during the practice.  You may also choose to engage in this practice lying in your bed or in a reclining chair.  There is no wrong way to practice yoga nidra, so feel free to experiment with positions and locations until you find what works the best for you!  


**You will receive a link to download the audio recording on the Thank You page after check out!  ENJOY!

Rest as a true source of energy & power

  • When you purchase this product you are agreeing to be the sole owner and user of this audio recording.  This digital recording is not to be shared or posted in any way to social media or on websites or other advertising or marketing materials.  This digital recording is not for resale or to be shared in any other way. 

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