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Today is a new day

All the craziness

I think it’s safe to say you feel a bit out of sorts. The world has been turned upside down, shaken, and set up again like a sort of snow globe, as we drift back down to the bottom. However, unlike the snow globe, we’ve got quite a distance to go before we’re back on the ground again. Right now, we’re floating, maybe even drifting.

Taking time

We have been served up some time to ourselves now that may be uncomfortable. I am sure that we can all benefit from more time to take care of ourselves and finding stillness more than busyness, but then if you live with other humans – their needs are also something that needs consideration. Fortunately, my children have been taking this time of isolating ourselves and maintaining a distance from others, fairly well. Perhaps it’s because they are accustomed to communicating with their friends through electronic means anyway – so this isolation is not as tragic as it might have been for me at their age. I have found the transition to all online learning and virtual work times to be a bit daunting. I’ve quite honestly experienced more headaches this past week than I have in the past year. I am sure that spending more time on my computer is surely a factor. Since I am unable to do my job in the usual ways, I am having to learn new modes of interacting. Planning my day has become very strange. I am sure it is for you too. Like many parents, we are now supervising our children’s learning right beside our own work, both of which used to be done outside the home.

Learning and growing

I am intentionally resetting myself on a regular basis to be thankful for the learning opportunities, the creativity necessary for interacting with my tween and teen children, and finding ways to grow my skills as a kind and compassionate human. I would like to assist others through this hardship and assure others that we are all feeling discombobulated, anxious, uncertain, frustrated, and hopeful for a better tomorrow. Journaling our feelings and experiences during this unprecedented time in our lives might be a nice way to capture where we were and how we coped with our day to day life during this time. We will be able to look back one day and say – “wow! I lived through that!” When you live through trying times, stressing and taxing your body and mind in unusual ways, you adapt. Through adaptation you become better suited to your environment. There is no question about it, our environment is changing. What we are going through right now will have lasting implications on how we live our lives going forward. We will not be the same and maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe a travesty of epic proportions was necessary to shake us all up so we could really think and act better for everyone’s benefit. Our world is calling for change. The change always starts with ourselves. Be better, do better. Today is a new day. Stay well my friends.

PS. I have FINALLY gotten my homemade candles available for online orders! Look through my product page for inspiring examples of how to bring more light into your life. 🙂

Peace, love & always smelling the flowers –


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