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Move to the music

I have yet to meet a single soul that does not like some form of music.  Just think about it – have you ever heard someone say, “I hate music and don’t see the point!”  No.  You haven’t.  Those words have never been said.  Now, there is plenty of room for argument on types of music, genre, or style.  What I like in my music and what gets my heart pumping and feet moving may not be the same music that moves you.  I am finding this all the truer with my own children that have their own opinions on the matter.  At times I hear my parents’ voice from my youth asking – “what ARE you listening to?”  They did not share my interest in tunes.  I will say that fortunately there is music that my whole family enjoys, but the overlap is pretty slim.  When we can all get moving to those beats though, it’s a lovely world.  All differences seem to fade into the background.


Have you noticed your tastes change over time? I still have some oldies, but goodies that continue to strike me in the same way they always have. I’m sure you do too. Then there are those songs that you just kind of forget about, lost from your music playlist, and then hear again on some chance occasion. These moments surprise us, striking a chord, maybe even bringing us to our knees, ecstasy rattling our bones. This is what happens when I go to a concert or partake in karaoke.


I have friends that when we get together, we feel compelled to karaoke.  Karaoke has really come a long way from the days I tried it in college, on a stage, in the midst of people I did not know, and tried with might to follow that blasted bobbing ball touch over the lyrics on a tiny screen.  The space was too large and the song too faint.  My voice was too much and not enough of the music.  Nowadays you can rent a small space with a large screen and only surround yourself with your choice of people.  Only your favorite people should see what unfolds in those rooms.  The volume is just right (loud) so that you can let the song take you away, which may even lead to jumping on a couch because well, that’s what music does.  I am sure that my friends that have karaoked with me are laughing and cringing at what I provide to the karaoke scene.  It’s not pretty, but it’s oh-so-much-fun! 

Memories unfolding

Music is nostalgic, holding memories and feelings that our body does not forget. We have a visceral reaction with flashes of where we’ve been or who we’ve been with in a previous time, rushing into our conscious like dam gates opening. When this happens to me, I stop what I’m doing and let the pictures from years past or the movie reel play. It’s not unlike opening up a photo album and recalling the smells and flavors that hide in the faded dust.

I believe that music resonates with our soul, providing comfort, or appreciation, being understood, and never alone. We gravitate toward certain music or songs when we feel a particular way or want to feel a particular way. Sometimes it is validation and sometimes it is a mood changer. Whatever your desire, there is something for everyone.f

Creative talents

Some that walk amongst us are even talented at creating music. I will say that when I choose to sit down at the piano it’s because I enjoy the feeling of crafting notes that stumble from my fingers. My husband’s family are very talented musicians and I am always in awe of their skill whether it be playing an instrument or singing. I am confident that they continue to grow as musicians because of what it provides them in ways that give credence to a deep desire to perform. I have observed differing talents in my children in regard to how they connect with music, how it clicks with them, and how they play with it. I’m always grateful to witness such gifts.

Whatever form and dose you like your music, enjoy. May it move you. May you feel it stir your mood flooding you with endorphins. May your arms raise, your body sway, your feet step and jump, as you make radical efforts to touch the sky. Move like that. Or, if you’re feeling mellow, find the rhythm that speaks to this calm and slowness, just sit, listen, and let it lighten you, raising your heart to the sky. Either way, embrace the sky. Blessed be the music.

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