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Ah ha! What our feelings reveal

What is it that we are looking for each day? Searching, scouring the Earth for evidence, answers to the reason for our existence? If you are guided by a religion, perhaps you look for your answers within the tenets of that religion. If you side more with science, perhaps you search for answers in biology, life science, or physics. Many people find room for both and use all available resources to appease their wandering and wondering mind. Whatever it is for you, wherever the answers lie, each revelation leaves you with a feeling. Have you taken note of that feeling? The one that might start out as a small flicker and evolve into a roaring flame? Maybe all of your feelings stay as light flickers, jumping about, setting other feelings on fire – sharing the oxygen with all, at the cost of fueling one grand feeling.

Anxious or exhilarating?

As I looked up at the sky yesterday watching the roaring of the Blue Angel airplanes zip across the soft blue sky – I thought, “what are those pilots feeling right now?” If it were me, I’d be sick to my stomach, anxious, and maybe even crying. No part of me wants to drive anything or be responsible for anything traveling at the speeds they were careening across the sky. Yet, whomever was in those planes, sure does. Those pilots do not share those same feelings in that circumstance that I would. It seems to me that they feel confident, excited, powerful, and calm. The skill behind driving such a fast-moving vessel inches away from another fast-moving vessel is more than my mind can comprehend. When those pilots are walking on the ground, do they experience discomfort with the slow pace of walking and mundaneness of the stillness around them, itching to get back up into the sky and feel the power of generating speed?

Maybe it’s speed that you’re after because it lights you up and makes you feel alive, exhilarated and full of purpose. Yet, aren’t there those of us that seek very different avenues to experience these same positive and uplifting feelings? Interesting how we may all seek to get to the same place, but take very different paths to get there. Just as it is with finding the answers we seek to satisfy our soul’s quest at understanding why we are here, right now, in this human form.

Close your eyes and see

If you close your eyes and conjure up a memory that brought you great joy and allow yourself to fully go there, to that place, that scene, for even just a few minutes – your body will feel all the feelings of that moment all over again. Our mind has no way of knowing if the memory is indeed accurate or true and will ignite the same feelings in the body as a moment that you intentionally create in your mind’s eye. Try it. This visualization of creating a future moment is referred to as manifesting. Many believe that if you do this often enough and with deliberation as to what you are creating in your mind by focusing on the details of the creation, you are molding your future.

Manifesting your feelings

When I first started the practice of manifesting it reminded me a lot of my days as a high school athlete. My cross-country coach provided us with articles to read on visualizing our best race. I remember trying this out, sitting quietly in my bedroom, closing my eyes and envisioning the kind of race I wanted to have. From what I can recall, it never worked. I never ran at a faster speed than my body could handle and of course this is what I desired. It all seemed like fake dreaming and it was very discouraging to me. As you can probably imagine, I was extremely skeptical then when I read about manifesting my dreams. Until I did it enough to recognize, it wasn’t the scene of success I was creating in my mind, but rather the feelings I was creating through this exercise.

Create it and then live it

Once I realized that these manifesting exercises were about creating a feeling in my body that felt like a strong, empowering bright light and not about the desires of the creation itself, I immediately felt successful. It was an ah ha moment for me to understand that all those vision boards of what I was telling the universe I most desired to have in my life, was purely to serve up the feeling itself and not the actual images. I realized that I could have that life every day, at any moment, starting right now. I didn’t need to wait around for the universe to bring it to me, it was more about being open to that moment, the right now, creating those feelings for myself. All of the successful deliberations of my mind’s imagination are always available to me. I have influence and complete control over this, and you do too.

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