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Inspiration that is uniquely you

Today you woke up. I know you did because your eyes are open if you are reading this, which is a sure way of knowing you are awake – right? I hope you had a wonderful rest. Do you remember what your first thought was when you woke up? Do you often have the same first thought each morning? For me it’s usually more of a question than a thought and that question is – “what day is it?” I’m not searching for the day of the month, but rather the day of the week. My brain instantly looks for something to anchor itself to in regard to what I can expect in the day that lies ahead since no two days are alike.

Today is the greatest day

Once I awake to the day of the week and jog through the activities, responsibilities, and to-do’s of the day – I also take note of the spaces around those activities and that I need to keep those open and as spacious as possible. Then, I ask myself – what am I grateful for? I honestly don’t even have to actually ask the question anymore. After I’ve jogged through the day, I start reciting, “I am grateful for …” and my goal is always at least three things, but it is often more. Then, my eyes are much more acclimated to the light streaming through the cracks around my curtains and I rise. Note, I am up much earlier than light in the winter months – but this is summer! 😊

Move it

During the time that you are awake, you move. Sometimes there is much more sitting than moving, but you’ve got to move around at some point. I find that I am much more settled if I have a balance of moving and sitting that is unique to me. We all know individuals that seem to need to move more often than others. Their bodies are wiggly and their mind might need a break. I have always been more of a wiggly member in the human race than a sedentary one. Although, I know that I can’t always be moving and that rest and allowing for being rather than doing is really where I feel the best. This sort of give and take has taken me a long time to arrive at and I am sure it will change as I continue to age. As long as I continue to be mindful of my need for both and listen to my intuition, I should be well. Have you discovered this in yourself as well? What do you find works for you?

Action and inaction

Among all of this action and inaction is inspiration to be in one state or the other. What inspires you? I started this post asking what your first thought was this morning. If it was one of drudgery – “I hate mornings”, “it’s morning already? drat!”, “I can’t wait to get through this day so I can get back to sleep” or “this day is going to suck” then you’re probably looking for inspiration in your stumble to that morning cup of coffee. If you find it there, halleluiah! I hope you do. I know that coffee can be life giving which can surely be a gift when getting out of bed was difficult – but the effects of coffee wear off. Do you reach for another cup of coffee at that point or what else do you have up your sleeve?

When I was in Los Angeles earlier this year I stopped and took a picture of a quote that was painted on the side of a building. It read, “Aspire to inspire others and the universe will take note”. I’ve thought a lot about that since then and have aimed to put those words into action in my own life. I really do find great pleasure in those moments when I am able to lift someone else up in spirit, assist in the load they are carrying, provide comfort, or just share the experience of what they are enduring. There have been times when I’ve been unsure of my next move or what my purpose is, but if I shift that thinking just a few degrees and look out at all that is around me, I relax. We are not intended to live alone, in isolation. We only carry part of the puzzle with us and while our piece is an incredible one-of-a-kind piece, it is best when surrounded by other uniquely one-of-a-kind pieces. We gain inspiration from each other. Something you say or do will spark a thought or idea in me and my actions will in turn inspire another, and so on.

Be on the look out

If you’re looking for inspiration, searching for a sense of wholeness or satisfaction that you can turn into a nightly or morning gratitude, look out at what is in front of you. Maybe you read through your social media accounts to see what is on people’s minds and hearts and provide what you can to the conversation. Maybe you read a book or an article that inspires you to learn something new or set out on a new adventure. Maybe you look through an old photo album and find a loved one that you haven’t spoken to in a while, reach out to them. Maybe you watch a movie with an inspiring message that stirs something inside of you. If you feel a stirring, this is a signal to you. Take note, this is a sign from the universe nudging you to act on the feeling. Inspiration is not something that is reserved for motivational speakers or individuals that have risen to fame. Embrace whatever it is that rouses your curiosity, piques your interest, or fulfills your soul. It is available to all of us and we need you to follow that inspiration.

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