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Rise Up

I have been thinking a lot lately about the vibrations I send out into the universe and the energy that exists all around me. There are all sorts of choices we make throughout a given day. Sometimes our choices are made deliberately and with a lot of thought and other times they are made through rote action or simply out of habit.


With it being winter and a very rough winter at that, I find that we are all a bit on edge. It is difficult to not talk about the weather to everyone you end up in a conversation with or to not sneak peeks out the window to see just how bad it looks. We all need to tread slower in winter (if you live where the season of winter is strong) and there always seems to be more barriers to the day than any other season.

For example, my community has endured snow storm after snow storm (we have extended beyond our allotted snow days for school) and cold that I’ve never experienced before. Each day requires more thought than usual regarding how much extra clothing needs to be worn, how much time needs to be allowed for travel or accounting for disruptions in schedules because of a broken down vehicle or a furnace that is struggling to keep up.

This winter has brought on more obstacles to face and decipher each day than my routine would like and it has sent me in a tailspin, similar to what my car experiences in a slick parking lot.

Emotions gone wild

I have noticed that these obstacles bring about anger and frustration and I have started to question why I allow those emotions to rise so easily. I tend to be on edge more lately and feel defeated by a small squabble between my children because my cup has been filled and is about to spill over. How do I settle the water and not let these overwhelming hinderances to my day overcome me? I need to rise up and give myself back the power that I was giving away to these situations. I had a choice, but I had seemed to have forgotten that I did.

Call it by it’s name

My first step was deciding to notice when I had faced a problem and just call it that. When I’ve decided to call it what it is, it is less fearful and therefore does not ignite my fear response to run or fight. Ah, hello problem, it looks like I’ve got a decision to make. Now I’m in a relationship with the problem and I can move forward into the next steps to resolution. I start with outlining the steps necessary that works for me.

Once the steps are determined, I can act. Action is powerful and assists my brain in feeling that I am a problem-solving rock star which in turn boosts my confidence.

At the point that I define a problem for what it is and realize that I do indeed have choices, I have risen above the problem. In my mind it looks like this –

I am progressing through my day. I have an agenda, routines to enact and places to be. Then along the way I get a call that changes my route and the rest of my day.

In action

The call came from my husband letting me know his vehicle would not start. Immediately my mind races through the dominoe effect that this event will create. My husband is responsible for picking up my youngest son from his after-school program. I am currently on my way to pick up my other son and drop him off at his piano lesson and then go pick up my daughter from her after-school dance program. Now what? My husband needs rescuing and my youngest son needs picking up and how will my regularly scheduled commitments get met? Of course, my mind is:

a) running through the problem

b) panicking.

It all started with survival

Our brains are wired for survival. At this point my brain feels that my survival and those humans that I have brought into the world are being threatened! Once that primal reflex has subsided, I regain balance and state, “Houston, we have a problem”.

I immediately calm at this point because I realize it’s a problem and I have resources and choices.

My husband has jumper cables in his vehicle and we decide that he will try and find someone nearby that can jump his vehicle and he will then drive it to the nearest automotive shop. If he cannot find someone to assist him, I will drive to him. My husband calls me back five minutes later to tell me he was able to find a very helpful and willing woman to lend him her car’s running battery and he was able to start his vehicle. Whew!


Next, I called my son’s piano teacher and told him the circumstances requiring us to reschedule. He was understanding. I then went out of my normal route to retrieve my husband from the auto shop and together we picked up my youngest son. I called my daughter to tell her that we would be late in picking her up, so she was informed. Lastly, already planning for the disruption one vehicle down would mean for our morning, I called up a friend. This friend lives in my neighborhood and has a husband that works in the same area as my husband. I asked if her husband might be able to provide my husband with a ride to work in the morning given our circumstances. They were more than willing to help us out.

My family ended up safe and together that evening, a bit harried, eating a bit later than normal, but under the same roof. There were things that didn’t get done and had to be rescheduled or put off for another day, but that’s rising up. Life will throw things at us and we can choose to be pushed over and fall flat, crawling in the dirt riding on a low frequency or we can rise up, grab onto the high-frequency energy that is available all around us every day. The universe will provide for all of us. We get to decide which vibrations we emit and how we get more of what we put out there. The abundance is for the taking. Rise up!

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