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This is my life

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

I walked into and through the dark and thought -

this is my life

The darkness hides that which is around me and I feel through my senses, the way forward.

In this space I have everything and nothing. As it should be. As it is. I need nothing more and there is nothing to desire.

I am reminded of the passing of time and how I've been walking through the dark for many moons. I need no road map. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. There is a sense of peace with this

Photo credit: Jordon Conner


Every morning I welcome the silence. I listen deeply to it and it appears in my heart as gratitude. I recognize a wellspring of appreciation for my breath, my body that allows me to participate in this earthly plane, and all that I've received and released.

I rise and walk into the dark. I detect the rising sun, even though it is not quite visible yet. I trust it is coming. In the space of dark, before oranges and pinks illuminate the sky, I bow my head in reverence. I know not what is coming forth in this day, but I know I am in it. I am of it. As I amplify the darkness by closing my eyes, I am home.

this is my life

I am aware of the turmoil in this world and it feels heavy. The peace that lives in me lives in us all, but we have forgotten. We have denied what we are and have found fault and judgment in ourselves that we then project out on others. Instead of extending love through an embrace, a smile, a nod of understanding-- there is pain, hurt, and destruction. I feel the crumbling, like stone from an old building, fall to the earth in sadness. These pieces built up by a community of helping hands is still there. We just need to be reminded, but it's not easy. It is never easy, just simple.

I continue to see the beauty that is here. The darkness does not hide it. The darkness holds us so that we might pause and instead of using our eyes to see out, we are invited to close them and see in.

Maybe this is why the dark comforts me. I see so much more.

It does not dismiss the struggle and the suffering. However, the path forward can be confusing when well lit. Too many options, choices, and confusion. In the dark, we surrender to trust and move forward with a truth that lives within us that knows the way.

When I am connected to this deep inner knowing and allow the compass of my true Self to lead the way, I understand

this is my life

I enter the world as the sun brightens the day and carry this awareness with me

I know not what is coming forth in this day, but I know I am in it. I am of it. I have what is needed for the journey ahead.

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댓글 2개

I love the sense of calm acceptance I feel in you, and in myself, when repeating "this is my life" It feels like the baseline of something that you can build on, if yearnings and ambitions take you there. Or the basis of a knowing, owning, deepening into the choices you have made already. Thanks for writing this!

Christina Sticka-Jacobs
Christina Sticka-Jacobs
2023년 10월 14일
답글 상대:

Thank you for the feedback Michelle! I just might use this as a baseline. I love that idea. I can feel something more sprouting from this. I appreciate your insights :)

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