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What your phone can teach you about self-care

Do you now where your phone is right now? It’s probably sitting right next to you or you are reading this on your phone. Either way, it’s nearby. If you don’t know where your phone is, somehow not thinking about it for a moment, you become a little frantic. We use our phones for much more than phones. I actually like the term I read in a fiction book once that referred to phones as screens. Screens are more personal assistants and navigators than communication devices. Either way – you know where yours is.

Battery life

Secondly, you take notice of where your battery life is on your phone. You take painstaking measures to make sure it is never too low. When the battery life goes below 10% it starts conserving energy to prevent a complete power breakdown. This puts us in immediate search for a power cord and outlet. Perhaps you even pack your own power source with you. I am not as sophisticated or as advanced as that, but I’m sure you are.

The battery life on our phone effects what we can do with it. We may conserve what power we have left if we aren’t able to access power immediately. Put it away and don’t beckon for it to work for you. It’s wellbeing in phone needs, so to speak, is on our mind and we make a plan to address its needs.

Checking in

Now, how often during the day or week do you check in with your battery? You know, the one that is not visibly present to anyone but is absolutely felt by one – YOU. We don’t have an icon on ourselves that demonstrates our dwindling energy. Yet, if we ignore it or never seek to connect with it, we will suffer – dimming to conserve energy similar to our phones.


Recharging ourselves should be a regular practice. We rely on our phones and honor the fact that it needs time to recharge, filling itself up with more of what it needs to provide for us. Are you aware of what you need in order to be fully present, fully energized, fully awake in your own life? Maybe if you start to take notice of when you charge your phone and use that as a trigger to consider your own body/mind/soul’s needs you’d begin to check in with yourself.

Body, Mind, Soul

I do think that the trifecta to recharging considers our body, our mind, and our soul.  I know there have been times in my life when I’ve only been connected to one out of those three at any given time and wondered why I was grasping for stability like I had forgotten to drink my V8.  Over time, 39 years of time, I’ve learned how to consider the needs of all three of these parts of myself in order to gain the best access to ease of being.  Who knew that a phone could teach us so much about life?

It is worth your time. It is vital. Find your battery and recharge.

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