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I scatter myself around

driven by the ill advised belief

that I will get more done.

Become more accomplished.

It is this scattering of myself which detracts myself from the process of becoming. Awakening.

I imagine awakening being a robust expression of my fullness - all together.

One piece, one contained spark, one completion of a part of what IS.

This what IS -

is the heartbeat of mother nature,

of the cosmos, the massive & expansive universe of which I am a part.

It both terrifies me and enlivens me.

All that I've lost or freely let go, is there.

All that is yet to be, is there.

I can only be available to tap into what IS,

if I am settled.



Fully available to both receive and give -

to inhale & exhale.

It is only there, in this intentional alignment that my essence can really be felt, seen, heard - when I embody what I know to be true,

I radiate.

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