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Nurtured & Balanced

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

I know not what will happen tomorrow

Nor what to make of yesterday

I am only fully awake to what is now

To my inner light,

I bow

- Ease Of Being

Scents to try:

Vanilla Chestnut

Vanilla Cinnamon

Be Mine

In Love

The Roses

Cranberry Apple



Physical yoga poses (asana) that involve a focus on your solar plexus or samana vayu will have a balancing effect. The categories of asana include twists, forward bends, and even back bends. While all physical practices should involve movement of the spine in all 6 categories (forward bends, back bends, laterals, twists, extensions, and inversions), this is especially important in order to feel nurtured and balanced. Even if asana is not practiced, this can be accomplished through the breath. See my video on nadi shodhana pranayama for a practice that balances your nadis, subtle energy channels in your body.

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